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Since the entry into force of the regulation EU 261/2004, a lot of websites have offered services that claim compensations for you.

A simple comparison, for example here, shows that by doing so, you will lose 25-35% of your compensation in fees.

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I paid my ticket 49 €. I did not expect to be entitled to get 250 € of compensation from easyJet. Thanks to VolCompensation.fr simulators, I claimed and got this money in only 3 weeks.

- Clément M. Nantes, France

After just a few clicks on VolCompensation.fr, I requested and obtained 400 € of compensation, the refund of 98 € of expenses and the coverage of my 4* hotel by Lufthansa, for a transatlantic flight.

- Pénélope L. Brussels, Belgium

1 minute on VolCompensation.fr's simulators, 3 minutes to fill out the airline's form, 2 small reminder emails... And 600 € on my bank account. Why should I have paid acommission to a website to do this for me ?

- Quentin E. Geneva, Switzerland